Mountain View Baptist Church


Called to Be Humble

Series: 1 Peter

Category: Christian Life

Speaker: Joshua Holland


I. A good teacher meets the students at their level. (v.1; Jn 21)

  A. Peter is an example of a humble and sensitive elder.

  B. Peter had a good example in Jesus. (cf. John 21:15-17)

  C. Jesus grows the faith of those who follow Him. (21:18-20)

II. Elders lead the church with humble hearts. (v.2-4)

  A. Elders feed, lead, guide and protect the local church.

  B. They desire to serve God in this way.

  C. They are eager to give of themselves.

  D. They provide a pattern for others follow.

  E. They work for and will be rewarded by Jesus.

III. The church can only follow Jesus with humble hearts. (v.5-6)

  A. Practice humility today so you can humbly lead tomorrow.

  B. God accepts only the humble in heart.