Get the tools you need to grow in Christ.  Here are some resources you can use.

The best resource of all is knowing Jesus Christ. All are lost, dead in sin and separated from God. But God loves the world that he created, including you. So He sent His one and only begotten Son, Jesus. Jesus died on a cross, a torturous instrument of death. His death paid for your sins, once and for all. On the third day, Jesus was raised from the dead--He came back to life! Jesus not only paid for your sin, but he conquered death.  

You can know Jesus and be saved from sin and death.  Simply turn from your sin, from living for self, and believe that Jesus died for you and rose from the grave. You can do this right now, by simply talking to Jesus. Tell Jesus you need Him. Ask him to rescue you from sin and death. 

Jesus promised that he would not leave you alone.  If you believe in Him, then His Spirit, called the Holy Spirit, makes His home in you. The Holy Spirit creates new life in you the moment you believe in Jesus. You will have new desires (to do what is right). The Spirit of Jesus teaches and leads you.  As you study the Bible, God's Word, the Holy Spirit will give you insight and help you live according to what God says in His Word. The Spirit of Jesus also permanently marks you as a child of God.  You belong to God, and nothing will separate you from God's love.

Walk with Jesus daily.  Prayer is simply talking to Jesus.  You don't have to be in a special place or do anything weird.  You can talk to Jesus with your eyes open or closed, with your hands in your pockets or folded or up in the air.  THE MAIN THING is that you TALK WITH JESUS.  Tell Jesus about what is worrying you, and then trust that Jesus hears you and will provide for you.  

Walk with Jesus daily by reading your Bible.  The Bible, all of it, is the words of Jesus.  

Walk with Jesus by joining a Jesus-centered and Bible-teaching church.  There are many churches out there, but you want one that goes through the Bible verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter.  Find a group of people that believe you are saved simply by believing in Jesus. Don't add anything to it.  You are accepted by God, not by works, but by believing Jesus died for your sins and that he rose from the dead.

Walk in hope.  If you have Jesus, you have fellowship with God, your Father and life-after-death.  Walk in confidence.  If you have Jesus, you have full access to the throne of the Creator of the universe.  He hears you and knows what you are going through.  Nothing surprises God. Walk in humility.  Yes, Jesus died for you, but he died for the other guy, too. Don't get in arguments about what you believe.  Stand firm, state what you believe, but show love and mercy.  Jesus loved us while we were still lost in sin. Living for Jesus in this world isn't about proving your point, it is about proclaiming Jesus to a broken world, and loving the unlovable as Jesus Christ has loved you.

Praise Jesus for saving sinners like us!