Giving at Mountain View

There are several different ways you can give financially at Mountain View.  

  1. On Sundays, or anytime during church hours, using the drop-box at the "Giving Kiosk" inside the church foyer. 
  2. Online Bill Pay through your own bank.  Many financial institutions provide online bill pay at no additional cost.  
  3. Online, from the church website or using the Tithing App.  This option is provided for your convenience, at a cost to the church.  This fee is 0.9%  of the transaction + 30¢ for e-checks/EFT, and 2.9% of the transaction + 30¢ for card transactions.  You have the option to cover this fee, otherwise.  While we offer this option for your convenience,  it is most cost effective to use one of the first two options.  Click here to give using the online giving app.
If you have any questions, please contact our church office at 360-736-1139.