Each Summer, the Mountain View church family sends well over 50 kids to several different Bible Camps, on full and partial scholarships.  The money to send these kids is donated and raised in part with a few different fundraisers each year.  The kids are able to volunteer and work at these fundraisers.  The first of these events is around the corner.  Some of these events are subject to change.  Contact the church office with any questions.

  • Bake Sale 
    • Sunday, May 5th - after each service
    • Where: The Sun Room, at church
  • Car Wash
    • Saturday, May 18th
    • Where: Auto Zone Parking Lot
    • Cost: Donation

What Bible Camps does Mountain View support?  

We send kids to a variety of summer camps that have been approved by our church leadership.  Our main priority for an eligible camp is that it is fun and safe place for kids with a serious emphasis on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We review each camp's statement of belief and mission.  Some of the camps that our kids go to include Dunes Bible Camp, Shiloh Bible Camp and Camp Tadmor and several others.  

Thanks for supporting this ministry to send kids to Summer Bible Camp.